Making things happen.

I love to understand users and their needs, this includes both consumers and businesses.  I do this through utilising a range of user experience and strategy methodologies, some of which are outlined below.  I can offer many different solutions, therefore to find out more please get in touch and we can discuss your business and consumer requirements.


*please note: due to client confidentially the images illustrating the different phases have been edited to hide/distort content. 

One of the first User Experience Consultants I am masters qualified in Design Innovation & Strategy, and hold a first class honours degree in Industrial Design Product. 

How I work

Depending on projects, I can work in phases to fit project requirements at the start, middle or towards the end of a project.  Whether that is carrying out requirements gathering, creating user journeys, personas, creating wireframes, carrying out usability testing, helping evaluate a service/product, to working with visual designers, to a build team, (outsourced or in house) to ensure that the user experience is kept throughout the design and build stage.

 (low-fidelity & high-fidelity 

Areas covered include:

Contextual Studies
Focus Groups
Interface Strategy
Scamping / Sketching
User Journeys
UX / UI Design
Business Requirements
Functional Specifications
Service Design
User Centred Design
User Research
Wireframes (static/interactive prototypes)
Card Sorting / Tree Testing
Experience Design
Information Architecture
Software Applications
User Flows
User Testing


  • Full website redesigns
  • eCommerce sites (fashion, telecoms & retail) 
  • Software applications
  • Prototyping
  • Interactive wireframes
  • Static wireframes, etc.



Prototyping/ Wireframes

Wireframes can be either static or interactive.  This means that basic interaction would be working which allows the client to see how the functionality of the site is expected to work. 


Static wireframes are fully annotated as to depict the expected funtionality. 


Usability testing


I have planned and conducted over 250 usability tests for different clients/industries. 


Usability testing allows us to test the idea in concept stage to evaluate how the intended target market reacts to the idea/solution. 


I have always found this to be invaluable

as even slight interaction changes can make

a difference to the end solution.


I have a good relationship with a couple

of London based usability labs that I do use when I need to conduct usability testing.


Design direction


I can also take forward the wireframes in to an initial visual design phase to articulate the visual design of the website/interface.


I have also used information architecture in the design and layout for other mediums such as books for print. 


User Experience can fall under other areas and is not just about the online world. 


Where ever users are interacting with information ux can play a strong role in creating the right experience.


Build & Development


Once the wireframes are created, the design direction agreed (ideally with functional specification documents) then the build can commence. 


I tend to work with either the inhouse build team or the client's choice of developers.  I have worked with both off shore developers as well as those based in the same location as me. 


Functional Specification


Once the wireframes are completed and

the changes have been agreed, the functional specification of the wireframes can commence (and if required design

can commence too). 


This document helps a web development company / team / individual web
developer give a more accurate build cost, or forms the instructions behind the build requirements. 


Building a website can be costly and if the requirements are captured before build (through wireframes) then the cost can be kept minimum and accurate, saving on re-coding/building costs.

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  Registered company in UK & Wales.   © 2008 - 2021 by Kaizen UCD Limited. All rights reserved.