UX Portfolio: I'm Sorry




I have tried to think of ways to get a portfolio together and place it online here.  However the more I think about this, the more uncomfortable I feel.  I will explain why.


When I sign up to a new UX contract, I have to sign a non-disclousre agreement as part of that contract.  This prevents me from being able to show my work.  In extreme cases I can't even tell you a client's name, or even place it on my CV. 


I know that for me to get a new contract/project it's important for the client to want to see what I have done in the past, and how I work.  It is for this reason I push you to UX Methods as this will give you an example of the type of work I have done, and how I can work.   I will also ask you to take a look at my linkedin profile and see previous client recommendations. 


I do take client confidentiality very seriously and for that reason will not be showcasing case studies and examples here. 


Yes, this does put me in a difficult position in trying to get a new contract/project.  However, I am able to show work in person at an interview or meeting to discuss new opportunities (as that is not me distributing project work).


Please do contact me if you would like t0 find out more. 

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