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End of year - Reflection

Professionally it's been a fascinating year for me and one where I have predominately spent on contract at Barclays PLC. I've enjoyed my time here working on software and intranet interfaces as well as a carrying out the user experience for a data-visualisation-piece related to a security software.

My current contract comes to an end towards the mid/latter part of January 2016, and I have decided it's time to move on to pastures new. Not sure what is next, as I have a few weeks of travel before I can commence something new. I may look to take out some more time out post my travels. Depends if anything exciting comes my way.

Anyways, what I have definitely learnt at Barclays has been more related to Business to Business (B2B) side of the world. Further dealings with off-shore development and strategic positioning of concepts and scenarios to a wider range of the business. All these projects were run in agile methodology and across 3 different time zones - (US, Europe and Asia)!

I am convinced that UX services can easily be offered remotely, and that's an ideal scenario for me, to be able to offer my services from anywhere in the world. That would mean I could be a lot more flexible with the hours that I work and how my live is lived. I am also convinced that one can only do a good job professionally if personally life is content too. My free spirit nature would just love this freedom of travelling, living and working. Let's throw it out there. You never know.

Finally let me take this opportunity to wish you a great christmas and fantastic new year. Hope 2016 is all that you wish for.

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